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TraceON is an IT system created to trace products on different production stages. It employs different forms and technologies of labelling (e.g. QR codes), suitable for particular clients. The codes contain data sets important for the given production process.


What is traceability?

Traceability is an English term, very common worldwide. It basically means „to be able to find, retrace something”. “Identyfikowalność” can be used as Polish equivalent of traceability”.

What is traceability for?

Traceability, as the sole name suggests, may be used to trace products, components, packaging, procedures, technologies, transport, efficiency as well as to accumulate obtained data. In short, it enables its users to develop control over the whole production process.

What industry does traceability refer to?

Traceability is sought for mainly in food, horticulture, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. However, it is not restricted to those branches, since traceability may be implemented by any producer concerned about quality and prestige of their brand. Traceability also concerns such businesses in which the transparency of production and customer safety is crucial.

TreceOn reklama

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TraceON generates clear reports, comparisons and visualizations of data. As a result, detailed analyses of production processes are possible as well as constant efficiency and plan realization control.

Click and done

TraceON means, above all, the effective use of employee’s time. It gives the ability to enter data to the system straight from the working post, during production. Our mobile app simplifies ordering and confirming different tasks significantly, which leads to uninterrupted work of the staff.


TraceON keeps track of chosen production process elements (e.g. state of plants, number of produced goods, machinery performance). As a result, the producer may react immediately in case of any anomalies or needs; is able to pass inspections and win certifications quickly.


 Proof for distributors

TraceON provides the possibility of tracing even the smallest elements throughout the production process, which enables its users to determine the origins of components used. Consequently, companies are able to prove the quality of the products and protect themseves against undeserved complaints.

 Trust of consumers and partners

TraceON enables producers to show their customers the sources of semi-finished goods and substances used in the production process. As a result, their credibility in the eyes of trading partners rises. 

 Fast information flow and time management

Traceability means gathering information efficiently from different workstreams. Easy access to variety of data may significantly shorten the time of the management cadre reacting to potential difficulties.

 Loss reduction

TraceON facilitates quick identification of defective or uneligible production batch or even one unit. Through that, the necessity of product recall is reduced.

 No fear of inspections

TraceON may shorten the inspections of supervisory bodies and minimize potential fines.

 Highest quality for your company

Our system provides full control over the quality of transport as well as product distribution.

 Advanced supervision

TraceON, through clear management panels and data analysis tools, enables its users to supervise the production anywhere and anytime.

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